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I Wash Triphala (30 Bags)



  • Improves eye sight and vision
  • Prevents Cataract
  • Strengthens the eye muscles
  • Prevents watery eyes
  • Reduces redness around eye balls
  • Prevents itching, infection and inflammation
  • Reduces blurry vision gives a cool soothing feel
  • prevent age-related eye issues

Other Details:

Why Bageshwar Ayurveda?


People with eye problem like dryness, itching, inflammation, watery eye and weak eye sight for a natural herbs solution to healthy eye.


  • Amla
  • Baheda
  • Harad

How to Use

STEP 1: Take
Place a triphla bag in an empty cup.

STEP 2: Release Extract
Take 2 eye cups of water in a cup and watch as the triphla bag releases it rich extracts.
dip the bag 7-8 times and then live it immersed in water.
remove the bag after 30 minutes and again dip the bag 7-8 times then use the triphla water for eye wash.
fill eye cup with freshly prepared triphala water.

STEP 3: Apply
Bring your head close to eye cup & dip one eye in the solution
Open & close your eyelids with the goodness of triphla
Change the solution & repeat for the other eye in similar manner.


What is I Wash Triphala?
I Wash Triphala is a natural solution crafted from the renowned Naturopathy formulation Triphala, known for its beneficial properties in supporting eye health.

How do I use I Wash Triphala?
Gently flush your eyes with the I Wash Triphala solution using an eye cup or as directed. It’s a soothing and refreshing practice for maintaining eye hygiene

What are the key benefits of using I Wash Triphala?
Triphala is believed to provide relief from eye strain, support eye lubrication, and promote overall eye health.

Is I Wash Triphala safe for daily use?
Yes, I Wash Triphala is generally safe for daily use, providing a gentle cleansing and rejuvenating experience.


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