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Garam Masala (200gm)



  • Hand-ground Garam Masala maintain their natural oils, ensuring a fresher and more vibrant flavor.

Other Details:

Why Bageshwar Ayurveda?


Perfect for those looking for hand ground Garam Masala with natural oils.

How to Use

STEP 1: Open
Open a pouch

STEP 2: Mix
Mix in dish according by your taste

STEP 3: Taste
Taste your dish with pure spice


Is your Garam Masala hand-ground or machine-ground?
Yes, the Garam Masala is hand-ground.

What are the benefits of hand-ground Garam Masala?
Hand-ground Garam Masala may provide benefits like better preservation of natural flavors, increased aroma retention, and potentially higher nutrient levels. The traditional method of hand-grinding is often associated with a more authentic and artisanal quality in the spice.

Which is better for health, hand-ground or machine-ground masale ?
Hand-ground spices are better for health as they retain full natural oils that might be lost in machine grinding.


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